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CreateCollectionOperation Class

Represents a create collection operation.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver.Core.Operations
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver.Core (in MongoDB.Driver.Core.dll) Version: 2.9.0+32b058abcdf2c7e8d9dd3a676d207b31897eee2e
public class CreateCollectionOperation : IWriteOperation<BsonDocument>

The CreateCollectionOperation type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreateCollectionOperation
Initializes a new instance of the CreateCollectionOperation class.
Public propertyAutoIndexId Obsolete.
Gets or sets a value indicating whether an index on _id should be created automatically.
Public propertyCapped
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the collection is a capped collection.
Public propertyCollation
Gets or sets the collation.
Public propertyCollectionNamespace
Gets the collection namespace.
Public propertyIndexOptionDefaults
Gets or sets the index option defaults.
Public propertyMaxDocuments
Gets or sets the maximum number of documents in a capped collection.
Public propertyMaxSize
Gets or sets the maximum size of a capped collection.
Public propertyMessageEncoderSettings
Gets the message encoder settings.
Public propertyNoPadding
Gets or sets whether padding should not be used.
Public propertyStorageEngine
Gets or sets the storage engine options.
Public propertyUsePowerOf2Sizes
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the collection should use power of 2 sizes.
Public propertyValidationAction
Gets or sets the validation action.
Public propertyValidationLevel
Gets or sets the validation level.
Public propertyValidator
Gets or sets the validator.
Public propertyWriteConcern
Gets or sets the write concern.
Public methodEquals
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Public methodExecute
Executes the operation.
Public methodExecuteAsync
Executes the operation.
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