Upgrading from 3.0.x

The 3.1 release is binary and source compatible with the 3.0 release, with the following exceptions:

  • Other than BsonDocument, subclasses of BsonValue no longer implement Serializable
  • BsonDocumentWrapper and RawBsonDocument are now final

Upgrading from 2.x

Please see the Upgrading guide in the 3.0 driver reference documentation.

System Requirements

The minimum JVM is now Java 6: however, specific features require Java 7:

  • SSL support requires Java 7 in order to perform host name verification, which is enabled by default. See below and on SSL for details on how to disable host name verification.
  • The asynchronous API requires Java 7, as by default it relies on AsynchronousSocketChannel for its implementation. See Async for details on configuring the driver to use Netty instead.