Interface MongoCursor<TResult>

  • Type Parameters:
    TResult - The type of documents the cursor contains
    All Superinterfaces:
    AutoCloseable, Closeable, Iterator<TResult>

    public interface MongoCursor<TResult>
    extends Iterator<TResult>, Closeable
    The Mongo Cursor interface implementing the iterator protocol.

    An application should ensure that a cursor is closed in all circumstances, e.g. using a try-with-resources statement:

     try (MongoCursor<Document> cursor = collection.find().iterator()) {
         while (cursor.hasNext()) {
    • Method Detail

      • tryNext

        TResult tryNext​()
        A special next() case that returns the next element in the iteration if available or null.

        Tailable cursors are an example where this is useful. A call to tryNext() may return null, but in the future calling tryNext() would return a new element if a document had been added to the capped collection.

        the next element in the iteration if available or null.
        MongoDB documentation
        Tailable Cursor
      • getServerCursor

        ServerCursor getServerCursor​()
        Returns the server cursor, which can be null if the no cursor was created or if the cursor has been exhausted or killed.
        the ServerCursor, which can be null.
      • getServerAddress

        ServerAddress getServerAddress​()
        Returns the server address