Package org.bson

Class AbstractBsonWriter.Context

Direct Known Subclasses:
BsonBinaryWriter.Context, JsonWriter.Context
Enclosing class:

public class AbstractBsonWriter.Context extends Object
The context for the writer. Records the parent context, creating a bread crumb trail to trace back up to the root context of the reader. Also records the BsonContextType, indicating whether the writer is reading a document, array, or other complex sub-structure.
  • Constructor Details

    • Context

      public Context(AbstractBsonWriter.Context from)
      Creates a new instance, copying values from an existing context.
      from - the Context to copy values from
    • Context

      public Context(AbstractBsonWriter.Context parentContext, BsonContextType contextType)
      Creates a new instance.
      parentContext - the context of the parent node
      contextType - the context type.
  • Method Details

    • getParentContext

      public AbstractBsonWriter.Context getParentContext()
      Returns the parent context. Allows users of this context object to transition to this parent context.
      the context that came before this one
    • getContextType

      public BsonContextType getContextType()
      Gets the current context type.
      the current context type.
    • copy

      Copies the values from this Context into a new instance.
      the new instance with the same values as this context.