class ChangeStreamFlow<T : Any>(wrapped: ChangeStreamPublisher<T>) : Flow<ChangeStreamDocument<T>>

Flow implementation for change streams.

Note: the ChangeStreamDocument class will not be applicable for all change stream outputs. If using custom pipelines that radically change the result, then the withDocumentClass method can be used to provide an alternative document format.



The type of the result.


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constructor(wrapped: ChangeStreamPublisher<T>)


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fun batchSize(batchSize: Int): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the number of documents to return per batch.

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fun collation(collation: Collation?): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the collation options

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open suspend override fun collect(collector: FlowCollector<ChangeStreamDocument<T>>)
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fun comment(comment: String?): ChangeStreamFlow<T>
fun comment(comment: BsonValue?): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the comment for this operation. A null value means no comment is set.

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fun fullDocument(fullDocument: FullDocument): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the fullDocument value.

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fun fullDocumentBeforeChange(fullDocumentBeforeChange: FullDocumentBeforeChange): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the fullDocumentBeforeChange value.

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fun maxAwaitTime(maxAwaitTime: Long, timeUnit: TimeUnit = TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the maximum await execution time on the server for this operation.

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fun resumeAfter(resumeToken: BsonDocument): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets the logical starting point for the new change stream.

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fun showExpandedEvents(showExpandedEvents: Boolean): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Sets whether to include expanded change stream events, which are: createIndexes, dropIndexes, modify, create, shardCollection, reshardCollection, refineCollectionShardKey. False by default.

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fun startAfter(startAfter: BsonDocument): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

Similar to resumeAfter, this option takes a resume token and starts a new change stream returning the first notification after the token.

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fun startAtOperationTime(startAtOperationTime: BsonTimestamp): ChangeStreamFlow<T>

The change stream will only provide changes that occurred at or after the specified timestamp.

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inline fun <R : Any> withDocumentClass(): Flow<R>
fun <R : Any> withDocumentClass(resultClass: Class<R>): Flow<R>

Returns a MongoIterable containing the results of the change stream based on the document class provided.