class ListCollectionsFlow<T : Any>(wrapped: ListCollectionsPublisher<T>) : Flow<T>

Flow implementation for list collection operations.



The type of the result.

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constructor(wrapped: ListCollectionsPublisher<T>)


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Sets the number of documents to return per batch.

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open suspend override fun collect(collector: FlowCollector<T>)
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fun comment(comment: BsonValue?): ListCollectionsFlow<T>

Sets the comment for this operation. A null value means no comment is set.

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fun filter(filter: Bson?): ListCollectionsFlow<T>

Sets the query filter to apply to the returned database names.

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fun maxTime(maxTime: Long, timeUnit: TimeUnit = TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS): ListCollectionsFlow<T>

Sets the maximum execution time on the server for this operation.