Class TimeSeriesOptions

    • Constructor Detail

      • TimeSeriesOptions

        public TimeSeriesOptions​(String timeField)
        Construct a new instance.
        timeField - the name of the top-level field to be used for time. Inserted documents must have this field, and the field must be of the BSON datetime type.
    • Method Detail

      • getTimeField

        public String getTimeField()
        Gets the name of the field holding the time value.
        the name of the field holding the time value.
      • metaField

        public TimeSeriesOptions metaField​(@Nullable
                                           String metaField)
        Sets the name of the meta field.

        The name of the field which contains metadata in each time series document. The metadata in the specified field should be data that is used to label a unique series of documents. The metadata should rarely, if ever, change. This field is used to group related data and may be of any BSON type, except for array. This name may not be the same as the timeField or "_id".

        metaField - the name of the meta field
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