All Classes and Interfaces

Iterable for aggregate.
Iterable for change streams.
The Key vault.
Factory for ClientEncryption implementations.
A client session that supports transactions.
Iterable interface for distinct.
Iterable for find.
Represents a GridFS Bucket
A factory for GridFSBucket instances.
A GridFS InputStream for downloading data from GridFS
Iterable for the GridFS Files Collection.
A GridFS OutputStream for uploading data into GridFS
Iterable for listing collection names.
Iterable for ListCollections.
Iterable for ListDatabases.
Iterable for ListIndexes.
Iterable for listing Atlas Search indexes.
Superseded by aggregate
The Mongo Cursor interface for change streams implementing the iterator protocol.
A client-side representation of a MongoDB cluster.
A JNDI ObjectFactory for MongoClient instances.
A factory for MongoClient instances.
The MongoCollection interface.
The Mongo Cursor interface implementing the iterator protocol.
The MongoDatabase interface.
The MongoIterable is the results from an operation, such as a query.
A ContextProvider for synchronous clients.
A functional interface representing the body of a transaction.