• Integrations


The Observable, Observer and Subscription implementation draws inspiration from the ReactiveX and reactive streams libraries and provides easy interoperability with them. For more information about these classes please see the quick tour primer.


The ReactiveX scala driver (RxScala) provides extra composability of Observables compared to the MongoDB Observable implementation.

An example implicit based implementation can be found in the examples folder. This includes an implicit based conversion from Observable to rx.Observable and an example of it being used.

The example uses the Observable.apply(f: (Subscriber[T]) => Unit) method to return a cold observable. It also implements the Producer trait, so the Observable can honor “Backpressure” when when using any of the backpressure operators.

Reactive Streams

The Reactive streams initiative provides interfaces that allow reactive stream based systems to interact. The API is similar to the MongoDB Observable API but without the composability of the MongoDB implementation.

Converting from an Observable to a Publisher is a simple process and can be done in a few short lines of code. An implicit based conversion can be found in the examples folder.