Class: UnorderedBulkOperation


new UnorderedBulkOperation(){UnorderedBulkOperation}

Create a new UnorderedBulkOperation instance (INTERNAL TYPE, do not instantiate directly)

Name Type Description
length number

Get the number of operations in the bulk.

UnorderedBulkOperation instance.


execute(options, callback){Promise}

Execute the ordered bulk operation

Name Type Default Description
options object null optional

Optional settings.

Name Type Default Description
w number | string null optional

The write concern.

wtimeout number null optional

The write concern timeout.

j boolean false optional

Specify a journal write concern.

fsync boolean false optional

Specify a file sync write concern.

callback UnorderedBulkOperation~resultCallback optional

The result callback

Promise if no callback passed

Initiate a find operation for an update/updateOne/remove/removeOne/replaceOne

Name Type Description
selector object

The selector for the bulk operation.


Add a single insert document to the bulk operation

Name Type Description
doc object

the document to insert


Type Definitions

resultCallback(error, result)

The callback format for results

Name Type Description
error MongoError

An error instance representing the error during the execution.

result BulkWriteResult

The bulk write result.