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Interface CommandOptions




Optional [kFullResult]

[kFullResult]?: boolean

Optional bsonRegExp

bsonRegExp?: boolean

return BSON regular expressions as BSONRegExp instances.

Optional checkKeys

checkKeys?: boolean

the serializer will check if keys are valid.

Optional command

command?: boolean

Optional documentsReturnedIn

documentsReturnedIn?: string

Optional fieldsAsRaw

fieldsAsRaw?: Document

allow to specify if there what fields we wish to return as unserialized raw buffer.

Optional ignoreUndefined

ignoreUndefined?: boolean

serialize will not emit undefined fields (default:true)

Optional monitoring

monitoring?: boolean

Optional noResponse

noResponse?: boolean

Optional omitReadPreference

omitReadPreference?: boolean

Optional promoteBuffers

promoteBuffers?: boolean

when deserializing a Binary will return it as a node.js Buffer instance.

Optional promoteLongs

promoteLongs?: boolean

when deserializing a Long will fit it into a Number if it's smaller than 53 bits

Optional promoteValues

promoteValues?: boolean

when deserializing will promote BSON values to their Node.js closest equivalent types.

Optional raw

raw?: boolean

Return BSON filled buffers from operations

Optional readPreference

readPreference?: ReadPreferenceLike

Specify read preference if command supports it

Optional serializeFunctions

serializeFunctions?: boolean

serialize the javascript functions (default:false).

Optional session

session?: ClientSession

Session to use for the operation

Optional slaveOk

slaveOk?: boolean

Optional socketTimeoutMS

socketTimeoutMS?: number

Optional willRetryWrite

willRetryWrite?: boolean

Optional writeConcern

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