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Interface ChangeStreamOptions

Options that can be passed to a ChangeStream. Note that startAfter, resumeAfter, and startAtOperationTime are all mutually exclusive, and the server will error if more than one is specified.




allowDiskUse?: boolean

allowDiskUse lets the server know if it can use disk to store temporary results for the aggregation (requires mongodb 2.6 >).

authdb?: string
batchSize?: number

The number of documents to return per batch. See aggregation documentation.

bsonRegExp?: boolean

return BSON regular expressions as BSONRegExp instances.

bypassDocumentValidation?: boolean

Allow driver to bypass schema validation in MongoDB 3.2 or higher.

bypassPinningCheck?: boolean
checkKeys?: boolean

the serializer will check if keys are valid.

collation?: CollationOptions

Specify collation.

comment?: string | Document

A user-provided comment to attach to this command

cursor?: Document

Return the query as cursor, on 2.6 > it returns as a real cursor on pre 2.6 it returns as an emulated cursor.

dbName?: string
enableUtf8Validation?: boolean

Enable utf8 validation when deserializing BSON documents. Defaults to true.

Specifies the verbosity mode for the explain output.

fieldsAsRaw?: Document

allow to specify if there what fields we wish to return as unserialized raw buffer.

fullDocument?: string

Allowed values: ‘default’, ‘updateLookup’. When set to ‘updateLookup’, the change stream will include both a delta describing the changes to the document, as well as a copy of the entire document that was changed from some time after the change occurred.

fullResponse?: boolean

This option does nothing

hint?: Hint

Add an index selection hint to an aggregation command

ignoreUndefined?: boolean

serialize will not emit undefined fields (default:true)

let?: Document

Map of parameter names and values that can be accessed using $$var (requires MongoDB 5.0).

maxAwaitTimeMS?: number

The maximum amount of time for the server to wait on new documents to satisfy a change stream query.

maxTimeMS?: number

specifies a cumulative time limit in milliseconds for processing operations on the cursor. MongoDB interrupts the operation at the earliest following interrupt point.

noResponse?: boolean
omitReadPreference?: boolean
out?: string
promoteBuffers?: boolean

when deserializing a Binary will return it as a node.js Buffer instance.

promoteLongs?: boolean

when deserializing a Long will fit it into a Number if it's smaller than 53 bits

promoteValues?: boolean

when deserializing will promote BSON values to their Node.js closest equivalent types.

raw?: boolean

Return BSON filled buffers from operations

readConcern?: ReadConcernLike

Specify a read concern and level for the collection. (only MongoDB 3.2 or higher supported)

readPreference?: ReadPreferenceLike

The preferred read preference (ReadPreference.primary, ReadPreference.primary_preferred, ReadPreference.secondary, ReadPreference.secondary_preferred, ReadPreference.nearest).

resumeAfter?: unknown

Allows you to start a changeStream after a specified event. See ChangeStream documentation.

retryWrites?: boolean

Should retry failed writes

serializeFunctions?: boolean

serialize the javascript functions (default:false).

session?: ClientSession

Specify ClientSession for this command

startAfter?: unknown

Similar to resumeAfter, but will allow you to start after an invalidated event. See ChangeStream documentation.

startAtOperationTime?: Timestamp

Will start the changeStream after the specified operationTime.

willRetryWrites?: boolean

Write Concern as an object

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