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Interface CollStats




avgObjSize: number

Average object size in bytes

capped: boolean

true if the collection is capped

count: number

Number of documents

freeStorageSize?: number

The amount of storage available for reuse. The scale argument affects this value.

indexBuilds?: number

An array that contains the names of the indexes that are currently being built on the collection

indexDetails?: any

The fields in this document are the names of the indexes, while the values themselves are documents that contain statistics for the index provided by the storage engine

indexSizes: { _id_: number }

Size of specific indexes in bytes

Type declaration

  • [index: string]: number
  • _id_: number
lastExtentSize: number

Size of the most recently created extent in bytes

max: number

The maximum number of documents that may be present in a capped collection

maxSize: number

The maximum size of a capped collection

nindexes: number

Number of indexes

ns: string


numExtents: number

Number of extents (contiguously allocated chunks of datafile space)

ok: number
paddingFactor: number

Padding can speed up updates if documents grow

scaleFactor: number

The scale value used by the command.

size: number

Collection size in bytes

storageSize: number

(Pre)allocated space for the collection in bytes

totalIndexSize: number

Total index size in bytes

totalSize: number

The sum of the storageSize and totalIndexSize. The scale argument affects this value

userFlags?: number

A number that indicates the user-set flags on the collection. userFlags only appears when using the mmapv1 storage engine

wiredTiger?: WiredTigerData

This document contains data reported directly by the WiredTiger engine and other data for internal diagnostic use

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