Class MongoWriteConcernError

An error thrown when the server reports a writeConcernError




cause?: Error
code?: string | number

This is a number in MongoServerError and a string in MongoDriverError

codeName?: string
connectionGeneration?: number
errInfo?: Document
errorResponse: ErrorDescription

Raw error result document returned by server.

message: string
ok?: number
result?: Document

The result document (provided if ok: 1)

stack?: string
topologyVersion?: TopologyVersion
writeConcernError?: Document
prepareStackTrace?: ((err, stackTraces) => any)

Type declaration

stackTraceLimit: number


  • get errmsg(): string
  • Legacy name for server error responses

    Returns string

  • get errorLabels(): string[]
  • Returns string[]

  • get name(): string
  • Returns string


  • Checks the error to see if it has an error label


    • label: string

      The error label to check for

    Returns boolean

    returns true if the error has the provided error label

  • Create .stack property on a target object


    • targetObject: object
    • Optional constructorOpt: Function

    Returns void

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