• Changelog


Changes between released versions


  • Updated MongoDB Driver Async to 3.6.3, fixes implicit session leak. SCALA-378


  • Updated MongoDB Driver Async to 3.6.0
  • MongoDB 3.6 support SCALA-336 See the what’s new in 3.6 guide
  • Fixed exception handling in Macro Codecs SCALA-319
  • Added implicit headOption method SCALA-334
  • Added BsonProperty annotation SCALA-321
  • Updated Mongodb Driver Async dependency to 3.5.0
  • CaseClassCodec - Added support for internal vals. SCALA-314
  • CaseClassCodec - Added handling of extra values in the document. SCALA-307 SCALA-323
  • Added support for custom Map implementations that don’t include type information. SCALA-311


  • Added support for type aliases in the CaseClassCodec. SCALA-305
  • Added the ability to ignore None values when encoding Option fields. SCALA-300
  • Added the ability to handle missing values for Option fields. SCALA-299
  • Improved the CaseClassCodec handling of null values. SCALA-301


  • Added Case class support. SCALA-168
  • Added observeOn(context: ExecutionContext) so alternative execution contexts can be used with Observables. SCALA-242
  • Improved error message when actioning unsubscribed to Observables. SCALA-248
  • Fixed FoldLeftObservable, ensuring that only one request for data is actioned and that all the data is requested. SCALA-289
  • Added SingleObservable trait and implicits for easy conversion and identification of Observables that return a single result. SCALA-234
  • MongoCollection methods now default to the collection type rather than Document. SCALA-250


  • Removed erroneous scala-reflect dependency. SCALA-288


  • Added support for maxStaleness for secondary reads. SCALA-251 SCALA-280
  • Added support for MONGODB-X509 auth without username. SCALA-279
  • Added support for library authors to extend the handshake metadata. SCALA-252
  • Added support for the new Aggregation stages in 3.4 SCALA-258
  • Added support for views SCALA-255
  • Added Collation support SCALA-249
  • Added support for BsonDecimal128 SCALA-241
  • Added support for ReadConcern.LINEARIZABLE SCALA-247
  • Fixed bug where some connection string options were not applied SCALA-253
  • Added GridFS Support SCALA-154


  • Updated Mongodb Driver Async dependency to 3.2.2
  • Ensure Observables can be subscribed to multiple times SCALA-239


Full issue list.


  • Fixed missing scala codec registry issue when using custom MongoSettings
  • Removed unnecessary scala dependency

Full issue list.


  • Initial release