• Upgrading



MongoCollection mehtod default to collection type fix.

Previously, in the 1.x series MongoCollection[T].find() by default would return a FindObservable[Document] and not FindObservable[T]. While this was easy to work around by explicitly setting the type eg: MongoCollection[T].find[T]() we’ve bumped the version to 2.0.0 so that we can fix the API issue.

If you took advantage of the default type being Document you will need to update your code: MongoCollection[T].find[Document]().


The addition of the SingleObservable trait allows for easy identification of Observables that return only a single element. For a SingleObservables toFuture() will return a Future[T] instead of Future[Seq[T]], any code relying on this will need to be updated to reflect the new result type.