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SearchRangeBuilderGtTValue Method (SearchRangeTValue, TValue)

Adds a greater than value to a search range.

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver.Search
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver (in MongoDB.Driver.dll) Version: 2.19.1+3a2a09dd959482f665ffbb5df2557ec541597af4
public static SearchRange<TValue> Gt<TValue>(
	this SearchRange<TValue> searchRange,
	TValue value
where TValue : struct, new(), IComparable<TValue>


Type: MongoDB.Driver.SearchSearchRangeTValue
Search range.
Type: TValue
The value.

Type Parameters


[Missing <typeparam name="TValue"/> documentation for "M:MongoDB.Driver.Search.SearchRangeBuilder.Gt``1(MongoDB.Driver.Search.SearchRange{``0},``0)"]

Return Value

Type: SearchRangeTValue
Search range.

Usage Note

In Visual Basic and C#, you can call this method as an instance method on any object of type SearchRangeTValue. When you use instance method syntax to call this method, omit the first parameter. For more information, see Extension Methods (Visual Basic) or Extension Methods (C# Programming Guide).
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