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ObjectSerializer Properties

The ObjectSerializer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAllAllowedTypes
An allowed types function that returns true for all types.
Public propertyAllowedDeserializationTypes
Gets the AllowedDeserializationTypes filter;
Public propertyAllowedSerializationTypes
Gets the AllowedSerializationTypes filter;
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultAllowedTypes
An allowed types function that returns true for framework types known to be safe.
Public propertyDiscriminatorConvention
Gets the discriminator convention.
Public propertyGuidRepresentation
Gets the GuidRepresentation.
Public propertyStatic memberInstance
Gets the standard instance.
Public propertyStatic memberNoAllowedTypes
An allowed types function that returns false for all types.
Public propertyValueType
Gets the type of the values.
(Inherited from SerializerBaseTValue.)
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