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ClusterSettings Properties

The ClusterSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectionMode Obsolete.
Gets the connection mode.
Public propertyConnectionModeSwitch Obsolete.
Gets the connection mode switch.
Public propertyCryptClientSettings
[Beta] Gets the crypt client settings.
Public propertyDirectConnection
Gets the DirectConnection.
Public propertyEndPoints
Gets the end points.
Public propertyLoadBalanced
Gets whether to use load balanced.
Public propertyLocalThreshold
Gets the local threshold.
Public propertyMaxServerSelectionWaitQueueSize
Gets the maximum size of the server selection wait queue.
Public propertyPostServerSelector
Gets the post server selector.
Public propertyPreServerSelector
Gets the pre server selector.
Public propertyReplicaSetName
Gets the name of the replica set.
Public propertyScheme
Gets the connection string scheme.
Public propertyServerApi
Gets the server API.
Public propertyServerSelectionTimeout
Gets the server selection timeout.
Public propertySrvMaxHosts
Limits the number of SRV records used to populate the seedlist during initial discovery, as well as the number of additional hosts that may be added during SRV polling.
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