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ConnectionString Properties

The ConnectionString type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllOptionNames
Gets all the option names.
Public propertyAllUnknownOptionNames
Gets all the unknown option names.
Public propertyApplicationName
Gets the application name.
Public propertyAuthMechanism
Gets the auth mechanism.
Public propertyAuthMechanismProperties
Gets the auth mechanism properties.
Public propertyAuthSource
Gets the auth source.
Public propertyCompressors
Gets the requested compressors.
Public propertyConnect Obsolete.
Gets the connection mode.
Public propertyConnectionModeSwitch Obsolete.
Gets the connection mode switch.
Public propertyConnectTimeout
Gets the connect timeout.
Public propertyDatabaseName
Gets the name of the database.
Public propertyDirectConnection
Gets the directConnection.
Public propertyFSync
Gets the fsync value of the write concern.
Public propertyHeartbeatInterval
Gets the heartbeat interval.
Public propertyHeartbeatTimeout
Gets the heartbeat timeout.
Public propertyHosts
Gets the hosts.
Public propertyIpv6
Gets whether to use IPv6.
Public propertyIsResolved
Gets whether the connection string has been resolved. Always true when scheme is MongoDB.
Public propertyJournal
Gets the journal value of the write concern.
Public propertyLoadBalanced
Gets a value indicating whether load balanced mode is used.
Public propertyLocalThreshold
Gets the local threshold.
Public propertyMaxConnecting
Gets the maximum number of connections a pool may be establishing concurrently. Defaults to 2.
Public propertyMaxIdleTime
Gets the max idle time.
Public propertyMaxLifeTime
Gets the max life time.
Public propertyMaxPoolSize
Gets the max size of the connection pool.
Public propertyMaxStaleness
Gets the max staleness.
Public propertyMinPoolSize
Gets the min size of the connection pool.
Public propertyPassword
Gets the password.
Public propertyReadConcernLevel
Gets the read concern level.
Public propertyReadPreference
Gets the read preference.
Public propertyReadPreferenceTags
Gets the read preference tags.
Public propertyReplicaSet
Gets the replica set name.
Public propertyRetryReads
Gets a value indicating whether or not to retry reads.
Public propertyRetryWrites
Gets a value indicating whether or not to retry writes.
Public propertyScheme
Gets the connection string scheme.
Public propertyServerSelectionTimeout
Gets the server selection timeout.
Public propertySocketTimeout
Gets the socket timeout.
Public propertySrvMaxHosts
Limits the number of SRV records used to populate the seedlist during initial discovery, as well as the number of additional hosts that may be added during SRV polling.
Public propertySsl Obsolete.
Gets whether to use SSL.
Public propertySslVerifyCertificate Obsolete.
Gets whether to verify SSL certificates.
Public propertyTls
Gets whether to use TLS.
Public propertyTlsDisableCertificateRevocationCheck
Get whether or not certificate revocation checking is disabled during the TLS handshake.
Public propertyTlsInsecure
Gets whether to relax TLS constraints as much as possible.
Public propertyUsername
Gets the username.
Public propertyUuidRepresentation
Gets the UUID representation.
Public propertyW
Gets the w value of the write concern.
Public propertyWaitQueueMultiple Obsolete.
Gets the wait queue multiple.
Public propertyWaitQueueSize Obsolete.
Gets the wait queue size.
Public propertyWaitQueueTimeout
Gets the wait queue timeout.
Public propertyWTimeout
Gets the wtimeout value of the write concern.
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