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MongoDB.Driver.Search Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Search namespace contains the Atlas Search related classes.
Public classBsonDocumentSearchDefinitionTDocument
A search definition based on a BSON document.
Public classCompoundSearchDefinitionBuilderTDocument
A builder for compound search definitions.
Public classGeoWithinAreaTCoordinates
Base class for area argument for GeoWithin queries.
Public classGeoWithinBoxTCoordinates
Object that specifies the bottom left and top right GeoJSON points of a box to search within.
Public classGeoWithinCircleTCoordinates
Object that specifies the center point and the radius in meters to search within.
Public classGeoWithinGeometryTCoordinates
Object that specifies the GeoJson geometry to search within.
Public classJsonSearchDefinitionTDocument
A search definition based on a JSON string.
Public classMultiSearchQueryDefinition
A query definition for multiple strings.
Public classSearchCountOptions
Options for counting the search results.
Public classSearchDefinitionTDocument
Base class for search definitions.
Public classSearchDefinitionBuilderTDocument
A builder for a search definition.
Public classSearchDefinitionRenderContextTDocument
Encapsulates classes needed for rendering Search definitions.
Public classSearchFacetTDocument
Base class for search facets.
Public classSearchFacetBuilderTDocument
A builder for a search facet.
Public classSearchFuzzyOptions
Options for fuzzy search.
Public classSearchHighlight
Represents a result of highlighting.
Public classSearchHighlightOptionsTDocument
Options for highlighting.
Public classSearchHighlightText
Represents the matching text or the surrounding text of a highlighting result.
Public classSearchMetaCountResult
A search count result set.
Public classSearchMetaFacetBucketResult
A search facet bucket result set.
Public classSearchMetaFacetResult
A search facet result set.
Public classSearchMetaResult
A result set for a search metadata query.
Public classSearchOptionsTDocument
Options for search.
Public classSearchPathDefinitionTDocument
Base class for search paths.
Public classSearchPathDefinitionBuilderTDocument
A builder for a search path.
Public classSearchQueryDefinition
Base class for search queries.
Public classSearchRangeBuilder
A builder for a SearchRange.
Public classSearchScoreDefinitionTDocument
Base class for search score modifiers.
Public classSearchScoreDefinitionBuilderTDocument
A builder for a score modifier.
Public classSearchScoreDetails
Represents the scoreDetails object for a document in the result.
Public classSearchScoreFunctionTDocument
Base class for search score functions.
Public classSearchScoreFunctionBuilderTDocument
A builder for a score function.
Public classSearchSpanDefinitionTDocument
Base class for span clauses.
Public classSearchSpanDefinitionBuilderTDocument
A builder for a span clause.
Public classSearchTrackingOptions
Options for tracking the search query.
Public classSingleSearchQueryDefinition
A query definition for a single string.
Public interfaceIMongoSearchIndexManager
An interface representing methods used to create, delete and modify search indexes.
Public enumerationGeoShapeRelation
The relation of the query shape geometry to the indexed field geometry in a geo shape search definition.
Public enumerationHighlightTextType
Represents the type of text in a highlighting result, matching or surrounding.
Public enumerationSearchAutocompleteTokenOrder
The order in which to search for tokens in an autocomplete search definition.
Public enumerationSearchCountType
The type of count of the documents in a search result set.
Public enumerationSearchSpanDefinitionTDocumentClauseType
Span clause type.