System Requirements

The Nuget packages target two versions of the .NET frameworks: net45 and netstandard1.5. The net45 target allows the driver to be used with the full .NET Framework version 4.5 and later, and the netstandard1.5 target allows the driver to be used with any framework that supports netstandard1.5, which includes .NET Core 1.0.

Nuget Installation

Nuget is the simplest way to get the driver. There are 5 packages available on nuget.

Binary Installation

Alternatively, if you’d like to pull down binaries, you can do that from the releases section on our github repository, which contains zip files for each release.

The assembly names mostly correlate strongly with the package names above. For new applications, you’ll add references to MongoDB.Driver.dll, MongoDB.Driver.Core.dll, and MongoDB.Bson.dll. For those working with legacy applications, you’ll also want to add a reference to MongoDB.Driver.Legacy.dll.