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Casbah jira project is here: https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/CASBAH

Changes in Version 3.1.1

Changes in Version 3.1.0

Changes in Version 3.0.0

Changes in Version 2.8.2

Changes in Version 2.8.1

Changes in Version 2.8.0

Changes in Version 2.8.0-rc2

Changes in Version 2.8.0-rc1

Changes in Version 2.8.0-rc0

Changes in Version 2.7.5

Changes in Version 2.7.4

Changes in Version 2.7.3

Changes in Version 2.7.2

Changes in Version 2.7.1

Changes in Version 2.7.0

  • Added examples to highlight using Casbah in various scenarios
  • Added Collection helper method to support the parallelCollectionScan command [SCALA-139
  • Fixed getAs[Type](“key”) to stop invalid casts to Some(value) [SCALA-136
  • Support vargs for getAs[Type](“keys”) [SCALA-134
  • Support vargs for as[Type](“Keys”) [SCALA-134 (pr/#61)
  • Fixed issue with OpLog matching (pr/#63)
  • Register the core Serialization helpers only once [SCALA-129
  • Removed scala 2.9.1 and 2.9.2 support, casbah utilises scala.concurrent.duration which was added in scala 2.9.3
  • Updated nscala-time to 0.6.0 and specs
  • Added support for Server automatically abort queries/commands after user-specified time limit [SCALA-118
  • Added support for Aggregation returning a cursor AggregationCursor [SCALA-117
  • Added support for allowDiskUse: true to the top-level of an aggregate command with the AggregationOptions helper
  • Added support $out aggregation pipeline operator [SCALA-130
  • Casbah WriteConcern’s valueOf now returns an Option [SCALA-127
  • Support the use of a different SPN for Kerberos Authentication [SCALA-103
  • Support SASL PLAIN authentication [SCALA-101
  • Support MONGODB-X509 authentication [SCALA-112
  • Updated Mongo Java Driver to 2.12.0

Changes in Version 2.6.5

  • Updated Mongo Java Driver to 2.11.4

Changes in Version 2.6.4

  • Updated Scala 2.10 series to 2.10.3

Changes in Version 2.6.3

  • Fixed JodaGridFS when registered helpers are on [SCALA-113
  • Updated Mongo Java Driver to 2.11.3

Changes in Version 2.6.2

  • Fixed MongoClientURI Implicit
  • Added support for Joda-Time LocalDate serialisation (SCALA-111, #59)
  • Added aggregate collection helper [SCALA-110
  • Added $each support to $pull [SCALA-109
  • Updated to the latest Java driver 2.11.2 [SCALA-106
  • Added $eq operator [SCALA-105
  • Fixed $where dsl operator [SCALA-97

Changes in Version 2.6.1

  • Fixed $pushAll and $pullAll casting of iterables [SCALA-54
  • Fixed MongoCollection string representation [SCALA-96
  • Fixed support for jsScope [SCALA-43 (#44)
  • Publish casbah.commons test helpers
  • Added suport $setOnInsert to the query dsl

Changes in Version 2.6.0

  • Added suport for GSSAPI SASL mechanism and MongoDB Challenge Response protocol
  • Updated support for latest Java driver 2.11.1

Changes in Version 2.5.1

  • Added 2.10.1 support
  • Removed reference to scala-tools [SCALA-78
  • Added 2.9.3 support [SCALA-94
  • Removed Specs2 and Scalaz dependencies outside test [SCALA-93
  • Fixed 2.10 support, no need for -Yeta-expand-keeps-star compile flag [SCALA-89
  • Fixed distinct regression [SCALA-92
  • Fixed test data import - now in tests :)

Changes in Version 2.5.0

  • Added support for Scala 2.10.0
  • Dropped support for Scala 2.9.0
  • Dropped support for Scala 2.8.X
  • Updated support for latest Java driver 2.10.1
  • Added support for the new MongoClient connection class
  • Removed scalaj.collections dependency
  • Updated to nscala-time
  • Updated the build file
  • Added unidoc and updated documentation
  • Migrated documentation theme
  • Updated MongoDBList to handle immutable params
  • Maven Documentation fix [SCALA-71
  • MongoOpLog - uses new MongoClient and defaults to replciaSet oplog database

Changes in Version 2.4.1

  • Fixed QueryDSL imports for “default” (com.mongodb.casbah.Imports) import so that bareword ops like $set and $inc are available.

Changes in Version 2.4.0

  • Hide BasicDBList; now, getAs and As and related will always return a MongoDBList which is a Seq[_]. Enjoy!
  • This is an API breakage - you should never get back a BasicDBList from Casbah anymore, and asking for one will cause a ClassCastException. This brings us more in line with sane Scala APIs

Changes in Version 2.3.0

BT/Maven Package change. Casbah is now available in: “org.mongodb” %% “casbah” % “2.3.0”

  • Update mongo-java-driver to 2.8.0 release
  • Updated to Mongo Java Driver 2.8.0-RC1
  • Changed some tests to run sequentially to avoid shared variable races.
  • JodaGridFS wasn’t properly checked in before.
  • Updated MongoOptions to sync up with options provided in Java Driver.
  • Pre-Beta milestone (linked against unreleased Java Driver release)
  • Dropped Scala 2.8.0 support…
    • 2.1.5-1 is the final Casbah release for 2.8.0; please migrate to Scala 2.8.1 or higher
  • SCALA-62: Simple solution - hack the date type on the base class.
    • There is now a JodaGridFS implementation which works cleanly with Joda DateTime and will return them to you
  • Backport casbah-gridfs from 3.0
    • Fixes SCALA-45: Allow filename and contentType to be nullable
      • Retrieving filename or contentType on a GridFS File now returns Option[String] when fetched
      • To facilitate sane usage, the loan-pattern/execute-around-resource methods now return the _id of the created file as Option[AnyRef]
  • Backports to casbah-core from 3.0
    • SCALA-70: Removed type alias to com.mongodb.WriteConcern and made method args for it explicit, as it was causing a fun post-compile (aka “library compiles, user code doesn’t”) implosion.
    • added socketKeepAlive option
    • Fixes SCALA-45: Allow filename and contentType to be nullable
    • Retrieving filename or contentType on a GridFS File now returns Option[String] when fetched
    • To facilitate sane usage, the loan-pattern/execute-around-resource methods now return the _id of the created file as Option[AnyRef]
  • Backports for QueryDSL
    • Major cleanups and bugfixes to the DSL, it’s heavily and fully tested now and much faster/cleaner
    • Added support for $and bareword operator
    • SCALA-30, SCALA-59 - $or is not properly accepting nested values esp. from other DSL constructors
      • Introduced proper type class filter base to fix $or, will implement across other operators next.
    • SCALA-59 - Fix Bareword Query Operators to better target accepted values; should only accept KV Tuple Pairs or DBObjects returned from Core Operators
      • Complete test suites for $and and $nor although they need to be updated to more appropriate contextual examples rather than just “compiles properly”
      • New code logic, fixed $or, $and and $nor for proper nested list operations
      • New :: list cons operator on MongoDBObject to create MongoDBLists on th fly (esp. for DSL)
      • Typesafety kungfu from @jteigen
        • enforce at compile time that type parameters used for casting are not Nothing
        • enforce $pushAll & $pullAll arguments can be converted to Iterable at compile time
        • switched to a type class (AsQueryParam) for queryparams to avoid code duplication
  • SCALA-69: Maps saved to DBObject are now eagerly converted to a DBObject, from factory, builder and put methods.
  • Always return MongoDBList from Factories/Builders instead of Seq[Any]
  • Backports from Casbah 3.0
    • Refactor collections (MongoDBList and MongoDBObject)
    • Use CanBuildFrom properly to compose more appropriate Collection objects
    • As part of above, you should get seq-like objects back from MongoDBList builders & factories instead of the previous BasicDBList; this is part of attempting to “Hide” DBList and let people work with List/Seq
    • SCALA-69: Immediately upon saving any None’s will be converted to null inside the DBObject for proper fetching later.
    • Add toString, hashCode and equals methods to DBObject
    • New, refactored tests for DBObject and DBList
      • More typesafety kungfu from @jteigen
        • enforce at compile time that type parameters used for casting ( as, getAs, getAsOrElse ) are not Nothing
  • Backport Test Helpers
    • New MongoDB “smart” test helpers for Specs2 and ScalaTest (Thanks Bill Venners for the latter)
  • Added SBT Rebel cut, local runner

Changes in Version

  • Added support for Scala 2.9.0-1 … As this is a critical fix release against 2.9.0.final, 2.9.0.final is not supported. (Note that SBT, etc requires the artifact specified as 2.9.0-1, not
  • Apart from BugFixes this will be the last Casbah release which supports Scala 2.8.0; all future releases will require Scala 2.8.1+ (See 2.8.0 EOL Announcement)
  • [2.9.0 only] Adjusted dynamic settings to build against 2.9.0-1 and Casbah
  • [2.9.0 only] Prototype “Dynamic” module (You must enable Scala’s support for Dynamic)
  • [2.9.0 only] I seem to have missed project files for SBT and casbah-dynamic
  • [2.9.0 only] Tweaks and adjustments to get this building and testing solidly on 2.9.0-1
  • Disabled a few tests that weren’t passing and known to be ‘buggy’ in specs1. These are fixed for the upcoming 2.2. release on specs2; they are test bugs rather than Casbah bugs.
  • RegEx not was just flat out wrong - was producing {“foo”: {“foo”: /<regex>/}} instead of {“foo”: {“not”:{//}}
  • Added a getAsOrElse method

Changes in Version 2.1.0

  • SCALA-22 Added a dropTarget boolean option to rename collection, which specifies behavior if named target collection already exists, proxies JAVA-238
  • Removed resetIndexCache, which has also been removed from the Java Driver
  • SCALA-21 Added “set metadata” method to match Java Driver (See Java-261)
  • SCALA-20 Updated to Java Driver 2.5
  • SCALA-21 - Update GridFS to use DBObject views. Holding back full bugfix until we have a 2.5 build to link against
  • Example adjustments to filter by start time and namespace
  • SCALA-10 - And this is why we unit test. Size was returning empty for cursor based results as it wasn’t pulling the right value. Fixed, calling cursor.size.
  • Added an alternative object construction method for MongoDBObject with a list of pairs, rather than varargs [philwills]
  • Making scaladoc for MongoURI more explicit. Note that the wiki markup for lists isn’t actually implemented in scaladoc yet. [philwills]
  • Refactor Collection and Cursors using Abstract types, explicit ‘DBObject’ version is always returned from DB, Collection etc now. Those wanting to use typed versions must code the flip around by hand. !!! BREAKING CHANGE, SEE CODE / EXAMPLES
  • SCALA-10 Updated MapReduce interfaces to finish 1.8 compatibility
    • Renamed MapReduceError to MapReduceException; MapReduceError is a non exception which represents a failed job
    • Changed MapReduceResult to automatically proxy ‘results’ in inline result sets
  • Added missing methods to GridFSDBFile necessary to access the underlying datastream
  • Fixed setter/getter of option on cursor
  • For several reasons changed backing trait of DBList PML from Buffer to LinearSeq
  • Moved to new MapReduce functionality based on MongoDB 1.7.4+ !!! You must now specify an output mode.
  • MapReduce failures shouldn’t throw Error which can crash the runtime
  • New MapReduceSpec updates to include tests against new MongoDB MapReduce logic

Changes in Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed the MongoDBOBject ‘as’ operator to return the proper type, instead of Any. (philwills)

Changes in Version 2.0.1

  • SCALA-16: Added a few additional validation tests against getAs and as on MongoDBObject
  • SCALA-17 - Fixed syntax of $within and its nested operators, unit test passes

Version 2.0 / 2011-01-03

Notable Changes since Casbah

  • Ownership Change: Casbah is now an officially supported MongoDB Driver
  • Casbah is now broken into several submodules - see http://mongodb.github.com/casbah/migrating.html
  • Casbah releases are now published to http://scala-tools.org
  • SBT Build now publishes -sources and -javadoc artifacts
  • Added heavy test coverage
  • ++ additivity operator on MongoDBObject for lists of tuple pairs
  • Updates to Java Driver wrappings
    • Casbah now wraps Java Driver 2.4 and fully supports all options & interfaces including Replica Set and Write Concern support
    • added a WriteConcern helper object for Scala users w/ named & default args
    • added findAndModify / findAndRemove
  • Stripped out support for implicit Product/Tuple conversions as they’re buggy and constantly interfere with other code.
  • Migrated Conversions code from core to commons, repackaging as com.mongodb.casbah.commons.conversions
    • Moved loading of ConversionHelpers from Connection creation to instantiation of Commons’ Implicits (This means conversions are ALWAYS loaded now for everyone)
  • Switched off of configgy to slf4j as akka did
    • Added SLF4J-JCL Bindings as a +test* dependency (so we can print logging while testing without forcing you to use an slf4j implementation yourself)
    • Moved Logger from core to commons
  • Massive improvements to Query DSL:
    • Added new implementations of $in, $nin, $all and $mod with tests. $mod now accepts non-Int numerics and aof two differing types.
    • Full test coverage on DSL (and heavy coverage on other modules)
    • Migrated $each to a now functioning internal hook on \$addToSet only exposed in certain circumstances
    • Various cleanups to Type constraints in Query DSL
    • Full support for all documented MongoDB query operators
    • Added new $not syntax, along with identical support for nested queries in \$pull
    • Valid Date and Numeric Type boundaries introduced and used instead of Numeric (since Char doesn’t actually workwith Mongo and you can’t double up type bounds)
    • Added full support for geospatial query.
    • Resolved an issue where the $or wasn’t being broken into individual documents as expected.
    • DSL Operators now return DBObjects rather than Product/Tuple (massive fixes to compatibility and performance result)
    • Added @see linkage to each core operator’s doc page
  • GridFS Changes:
    • GridFS’ `files’ now returned a MongoCursor not a raw Java DBCursor
    • GridFS findOne now returns an Option[_] and detects nulls like Collection
  • Added “safely” resource loaning methods on Collection & DB
    • Given an operation, uses write concern / durability on a single connection and throws an exception if anything goes wrong.
  • Culled casbah-mapper. Mapper now lives as an independent project at http://github.com/maxaf/casbah-mapper
  • Bumped version of scala-time to the 0.2 release
  • Added DBList support via MongoDBList, following 2.8 collections
  • Adjusted boundaries on getAs and expand; the view-permitting Any was causing ambiguity issues at runtime with non AnyRefs (e.g. AnyVal).
  • Fixed an assumption in expand which could cause runtime failure
  • Updated MongoDBObject factory & builder to explicitly return a type; some pieces were assuming at runtime that it was a MongoDBObjectBuilder$anon1 which was FUBAR

Changes in Version

  • Fixed some issues w/ GridFS libraries attempting to call toMap in iteration, which isn’t implemented on the Java side; added custom toString methods on the GridFS files [BWM]
  • Cleaned up log spam [BWM / MA]
  • Added serialization hook for MongoDBObject to help catch any nested instances [MA]
  • Cleaned up some stray references to java.lang.Object, replaced with AnyRef for good Scala coding practices [BWM]

Changes in Version 1.0.7

  • Updated reference to Configgy to have a Scala version attached; this was causing issues on some mixed-version users’ systems.
  • Corrected massive stupidity from lack of testing on my part and disabled ScalaJDeserializers - in most cases these caused runtime ClassCastExceptions. SERIALIZERS still in place - Deserializers were just plain a bad idea.

Changes in Version 1.0.5

  • Due to oddities and ambiguities, stripped the type parameter apply[A] method from MongoDBObject. If you want a cast return, please use MongoDBObject.getAs[A]. This should minimize odd runtime failures.
  • Added toplevel detection in MongoDBObject’s +=/put methods to try and convert a MongoDBObject value to DBObject for you.
  • Added “Product” arguments to $pushAll - this means you can pass a Tuple-style list, where previously it required an Iterable ( $pushAll (“foo” -> (5, 10, 23, “spam”, eggs”) should now work).
  • Updated to scalaj-collection 1.0 release, built against 2.8.0 final
  • Added a new ScalaJ-Collection based Deserializer and Serializer layer. All base types supported by ScalaJ collection now use asJava / asScala to cleanly ser/deser where possible. This excludes Comparator/Comparable and Map types for sanity reasons. See com.novus.casbah.mongodb.conversions.scala.ScalaConversions for detail. Please report bugs if this breaks your code - it’s nascent and a bit naive!
  • New Committer - Max Afonov
  • Removed the BitBucket Mirror; we’re purely on GitHub now. Bug tracker linked from Github page.
  • Created a user mailing list -http://groups.google.com/group/mongodb-casbah-users

Changes in Version 1.0.2

  • Changed $in, $notin, $all to always generate an array in Any* mode
  • Added default type alias import for com.mongodb.DBRef & Casbah’s MongoDB class

Changes in Version 1.0.1

  • Updated externals to link against 2.8.0 final - 1.0 release had some RC/Beta built externals. (scalaj-collection is still linked against Beta)
  • Added an Object interface, MongoDBAddress, for static construction of DBAddress instances.
  • Added type aliases in MongoTypeImports for all Casbah companion objects - please report any odd behavior this causes.
  • Added MapReduceCommand to BaseImports

Version 1.0

  • GridFS enhanced via Loan Pattern
  • Full support for MongoDB Query operators via fluid syntax (now with lots of testing to minimize breakage)
  • Added support for Scala 2.8-style Map interaction w/ DBObject. Builder pattern, +=, etc.
  • Tutorial Available