Casbah Modules

While Casbah has many stable of features, some users (such as those using a framework like Lift which already provides MongoDB wrappers) wanted access to certain parts of Casbah without importing the whole system. As a result, Casbah has been broken out into several modules which make it easier to pick and choose the features you want.

If you use the individual modules you’ll need to use the import statement from each of these. If you use the import statement from the casbah-core module, everything except GridFS will be imported (not everyone uses GridFS so we don’t load it into memory & scope unless it is needed).

The module names can be used to select which dependencies you want from maven/ivy/sbt, as we publish individual artifacts. If you import just casbah, this is a master pom which includes the whole system and will install all its dependencies, as such there is no single jar file for Casbah.

This is the breakdown of dependencies and packages:

Module Package Dependencies

Casbah Core

Provides Scala-friendly wrappers to the Java Driver for connections, collections and MapReduce jobs

com.mongodb.casbah casbah-commons and casbah-query along with their dependencies transitively

Casbah Commons

Provides Scala-friendly DBObject & DBList implementations as well as Implicit conversions for Scala types

  • mongo-java-driver,
  • nscala-time,
  • slf4j-api,
  • slf4j-jcl

Query DSL

Provides a Scala syntax enhancement mode for creating MongoDB query objects using an Internal DSL supporting Mongo $ Operators

com.mongodb.casbah.query casbah-commons along with their dependencies transitively


Provides Scala enhanced wrappers to MongoDB’s GridFS filesystem

com.mongodb.casbah.gridfs casbah-commons and casbah-query along with their dependencies transitively

We cover the import of each module in their appropriate tutorials, but each module has its own Imports object which loads all of its necessary code. By way of example both of these statements would import the Query DSL:

// Imports core, which grabs everything including Query DSL
import com.mongodb.casbah.Imports._

// Imports just the Query DSL along with Commons and its dependencies
import com.mongodb.casbah.query.Imports._

// Import GridFS modules
import com.mongodb.casbah.gridfs.Imports._
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